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Madrid Home Stay - Policies & Guidelines

To ensure that your home stay experience with one of our Spanish families will be enjoyable, we have set up some responsibilities and rules for all parties.

Responsibilities & Guidelines

Responsibilities of the home stay family
  1. Make sure you have a room that includes a bed, desk, lamp, and closet
    Madrid Homestay Policies Spanish Family
  2. Make sure the room will be clean on your arrival
  3. All facilities are in good condition
  4. The meals will be prepared for the guests (breakfast, lunch/dinner)
  5. The meals are balanced, varied and adequately sized portions
  6. One laundry service per week done by the family or the guest
Resident responsibilities
  1. Keep the room clean and tidy during your stay
  2. Respect the family, their customs and way of living
  3. Respect the rules of the family like e.g. the meal times
Our responsibilities
  1. Provide the home stay family with the necessary information about the guest they will be receiving before arrival
  2. Provide the guest with all the information necessary to safely arrive to the home stay family
  3. Make sure the home stay family fulfils the guest requirements
  4. Do all possible to make sure that the relationship between the home stay family and their guest is as pleasant and satisfactory as possible
General Guidelines
  1. Please be polite, respectful and friendly to the home stay family and respect their privacy
  2. Use of facilities (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, telephone etc) in consultation with the family
  3. Please communicate with the family regarding smoking, playing music and other possible house rules
  4. Do not bring any strangers home without permission from the family
  5. Do not disturb others


Cancellations and changes to reservations can be made under the following conditions:

  1. The deposit will only be refunded if the reservation is canceled 30 days before arrival.
  2. If a resident wishes to leave the home stay family before the end of the reservation period, s/he should give a at least 30 days prior written notice and make the corresponding payment until the last day of notice period. In this case the deposit will be returned.
  3. If a resident wishes to leave the home stay family before the end of the reservation and gives less than one moth prior written notice, the deposit will not be refunded.
  4. Already paid rental amounts will not be refunded under any circunstance.


Madrid Home Stay reserves the right to evict a guest from their home stay family without any type of refund in case of:

  1. Violent behavior towards the family, friends of the family or other guests.
  2. Serious lack of respect towards the family, their properties, friends of the family or other guests.
  3. Any other kind of misbehavior.
  4. Non-payment.




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